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Complete upper or lower denture on 4 implants

Nobel All on four ( All-on-4) is a technique of making and setting up a complete dental prosthesis to only 4 implants. This technique allows you complete rehabilitation of the complete dental string in the upper or lower jaw with 4 dental implants.

  • For the upper jaw and lower jaw
  • Reconstruction of entire dental string with only 4 implants
  • The possibility of an immanent load (surgery and teeth in the same visit)
  • For fixed and mobile anchoring of finished prosthetic work

How it´s done?

  • Complete upper or lower denture on 4 implants – 2 in the front region, 2 in the back region
  • A fixed solution with the possibility of an imminent load

Complete upper or lower denture All on four

ICR certificate

The procedure

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Advantages of Complete upper or lower denture All-on-4

  • The process can be combined with a computer-driven concept, which provides the ability to embed and make definitive work on the same visit
  • Minimum non-invasive method with minimal postoperative time
  • Possibility of removal on controls and possible reparation and professional cleaning

Prosthetic possibilities

  • Fixed temporary acrylic prosthesis
  • Fixed permanent “prosthesis” with titanium construction and acrylic tooth crown or titanium or zirconium structures with titanium or zirconium crowns

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