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Cosmetic dentistry cost – Smile makeover abroad

Your smile is one of the first things people know about you!
Cosmetic dentistry abroad includes all the procedures with which we restore the splendor to your smile.

A beautiful smile has a positive effect on your self-confidence and openness to other people. At the Dental center Ostojić we use the most modern methods and materials to remove even the slightest imperfections.


Achieves great results in the formation of a natural and healthy smile
on a daily basis.

Composite cosmetic dentistry abroad and replacement of old amalgam fillings

Amalgam fillings are used in dentistry for 150 years. Although it is known to contain mercury, potent neurotoxic, there is still no clear official position about their hazard. The amalgam, however, not satisfying from an aesthetic point of view, is slowly becoming a material outdated. Composite aesthetic dentistry is produced exclusively with the best materials that can fit perfectly to the natural appearance of the treated tooth.
The advantages of this process? It’s the cheapest, it solves itself in one sitting, is totally painless and is the least invasive of all the interventions.

Composit crowns

Before metal ceramics


After metal ceramic
dental works


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Gummy Smile Dental center Ostojic

Lengthening of the clinical crown with the laser (gummy smile)

The so-called “gummy smile” is a frequent problem. We refer to the smile that discovers most of the gums. To correct this defect we use one of the most important technological innovations applied to dentistry: the Waterlase IPlus laser, with which we can reduce the visible part of the gums “stretching” the crown not only of the front but also of the lateral teeth , thus helping to greatly improve the smile.

With the Waterlase IPlus laser, it is possible to correct the gums painlessly, with no trauma for the gums and complete rehabilitation in a few hours.

Ceramic crowns

Most often the crown covers the tooth in its integrity to protect it. Aesthetic reasons apart, very often the artificial crown (or dental capsule) is also used because the natural one is severely compromised or because there is a real danger that breaks during chewing.

Artificial crowns are produced by combining metal and ceramics, or without the use of metal, combining zirconium or E-Max ceramics.

Such a crown guarantees the transparency and lucidity of the natural tooth and is devoid of those dark edges that, over time, can characterize the ceramic crowns.

Biolase Epic 10 laser in dentistry

The Epic 10 is a diode laser for surgical and therapeutic use, at the top of the world’s technological innovation in the industry. Designed for extensive use in soft tissue oral surgery, it is also used for dental whitening and as an immediate remedy in painkillers.

Epic 10 uses a diode as a semiconductor source for invisible infrared radiation. Through a flexible conductor, the dentist is able to reach any area of the oral cavity depending on the intervention to be performed. Disposable tips guarantee sterile conditions for each operation. Cosmetic dentistry abroad.

Its typical use includes dental whitening, desensitization of the dental collar, treatment of fever and herpes, endodontic therapy and paradental therapy.

What are veneers for teeth?

Veneers for teeth are aesthetic dental work that you do in a short time can be restored very nice smile. These are thin ceramic “tiles” that stick to the outside of the tooth. Because of the ceramic structure they do not change the color under the influence of color from food or tobacco. That’s why they are very popular with people looking for a perfect smile.

There are direct and indirect teeth whites, and are different in the material and the process of making.

Porcelain veneers to teeth and require more visits to the dentist. They are more expensive, but more permanent than direct. Directly made in one visit to the dentist (of course it depends on the number of teeth to be treated). They are made of composite materials, and the result is also a perfect smile. Composite toothbrushes have a shorter life span, but they can always be repaired and prolonged by proper hygiene and maintenance.

ceramic veneer ostojić

Whatdo patients say

The relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff will provide the best dental services that meet your needs.

  • After a series of visits to the clinic, I was personally convinced of the quality of the services. They gave me a lot of information and explained every step of the therapy. Thank you all!

  • I am very pleased to have found a dental clinic abroad where all doctors are extremely helpful, friendly and above all very professional. It's a really cozy place, you feel at home.


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