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Dental prosthesis

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Lacking one or more teeth is not just an aesthetic problem!
Some types of dental prosthesis interventions can be used to correct functional anomalies, as well as aesthetics of shape, color or position of natural teeth. Dental prostheses have the task of rehabilitating the oral functions of patients with partial or total edentulous (lack of teeth) by replacing natural teeth with artificial teeth.

Types of Dental Prostheses

The dental crowns

Dental crowns help to recover damaged teeth, protect sensitive teeth and prevent worsening of the situation


The Dental Bridges

The bridged dental prosthesis has the task of replacing one or more teeth


The Mobile prosthesis

The mobile dental prosthesis is a denture that is removed daily to be cleaned. This type of prosthesis is often used as a solution for people who want to have teeth or who do not have enough bone for planting, or for economic reasons


The partial prosthesis

The removable partial denture can be made of pure resin for short term jobs or resin metal for long term jobs


The lack of one or more teeth

To meet all your needs, functionalities and aesthetics, we use only certified and state-of-the-art materials for dental prosthesis. The materials chosen to make prosthetic artifacts meet high quality standards to ensure maximum functionality and durability. This type of dental prostheses are worn by people who have all their teeth and have contraindications to implantology due to the health or lack of bone (both thickness and height) for age or for economic reasons.

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Dental prosthesis guide


If you have come to the point where your dentist has explained that the dental prosthesis is the best option for you, it is very important to know what to do next.
Reading other people’s stories and other experiences can help you really focus on the final results, eat the food you love, feel confident, talk and enjoy the time spent with friends and family.

Tooth extraction and treatment

Before choosing dental prosthesis, your dentist must evaluate your current dental condition and decide which treatment is best. If you have a part of your teeth, your dentist will advise you on the next steps and tooth extraction. The time to your gums heal varies; It really depends on how much tooth you take.

Immediate or temporary dentures

Your dentist may decide to make an implanted dental prosthesis depending on your mouth cavity. Once the teeth are removed, the soft, sensitive parts of your mouth will be painful and their healing and calming may take a little while. Immediate dentures can be worn while the treatment process lasts.
The need for tooth extraction and replacement of the dental prosthesis itself can be a traumatic experience, but this is a common procedure that millions of people are subject to every year. Although a few early days can be very difficult and need adjustment, this is a real turning point and an opportunity to rejoice in positive aspects of new teeth.

Taking the print of your mouth cavity

To get started with your procedure, your dentist will make a preliminary imprint of your mouth cavity. During your next visit, your dentist will make more prints with finer details. It then receives a correct copy of your mouth cavity to make your new dental prosthesis.

It is time to choose new teeth

Imagine choosing your dental prosthesis as a test of new clothes. You want them to look just like your natural teeth, but some will fit you better than others. With the help of a dentist, you can choose the tooth shape, size and color that fit your lips and look like created for you. If you have not been satisfied with your natural teeth for any reason, you can improve them if you mention your dentist at this stage.

It’s always good if a member of your family or friend can help you choose because another view and a different view can be beneficial. Once you and your dentist are satisfied with the appearance of selected teeth, your dental prosthesis will be completed.

Initial installation

This is the time when the dentist will try your dental prosthesis for the first time in your mouth, and you will be carrying it up to the next visit. Your dentist will make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the dental prosthesis agrees and is as comfortable as it may be.
You may be invited to additional visits to adjust it in places where you may hesitate.

Regular dental exams

Once you have your dental prosthesis and become part of your everyday life, it is important that you continue to visit your dentist regularly to make sure your oral health is in the best possible condition.
Your dentist will also ensure that you get the most from your dental prosthesis and that it is still perfectly adapted to you.

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