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Dental surgery in Croatia

Dental surgery treatments

Simple and surgical dentures (ie including teeth and radicular residues), apicectomy, elimination of the apex of teeth with inflammatory processes, removal of cysts and oral cavity tumors.

Dental surgery also includes dental implantology, periodontal surgery and reconstructive and pre-implant bone surgery, such as maxillary sinus elevation and various types of bone grafts.

The influence of time on bone resorption and the possibility of putting dental implants.

Under normal conditions, the alveolar bone is maintained by natural self-healing and renewal mechanisms. With the loss of the teeth, however, the alveolar bone begins to reabsorb gradually, losing height and thickness with an average of 40-60% over the first 2-3 years, continuing with an incidence of 1% per year.

Renata Ostojić surgery


Dental extraction takes place with local anesthesia, trying to safeguard the structures of the surrounding tissues to the maximum.


Apicoectomy is an oral surgery that removes the root apice, that is, the root of the dental root canal.


Alveotomy is an oral extraction surgery that is used when removing a part of the alveolar bone that prevents the removal of a tooth.


Oral surgery includes a series of surgical procedures involving the oral cavity and teeth. Every single operation is performed in local anesthesia and is completely painless.

Not only do the teeth of judgment sometimes have to be removed. Other teeth such as canines and premors can become annoying and can cause the same types of problems described with the teeth of judgment

i-PRF method

Why use the prf method?

The PRF protocol aims at the accumulation of platelets and the release of cytokines in the fibrinic clot. The process begins with the withdrawal of the patient’s blood and the separation of the various blood components through a suitable centrifuge. Note that the whole process is very short (it lasts an average of 12 minutes) and is simple. With red blood cell separation, plasma and fibrin are obtained, which will later be used as autologous biological transplant. After the tooth extraction, in the cavity created we insert the treated fibrin and plasma, which will be used to speed up the cicatrization and osteointegration process, making the dental implant fastener process faster, more secure and especially painless.

We recall that the PRF method is an absolutely secure protocol because it uses only the patient’s blood.

This method, ensuring extraordinary results, is recommended to all our patients undergoing surgical protocols.

The growth factors in wound healing

Biologically, the growth factors are always active and are essential for all types of wound healing. However, in clinic, the most frequent question is: are they always active?

The new protocol A-PRF, Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin, based on the low speed centrifugation concept is the most powerful concept as it combines the brin network, the growth factors from the platelets and the white cell activity for only one goal: getting the more rapid and thorough vascularization. A-PRF is a “blood concentrate” and not a “platelet concentrate”!

The i-PRF is proposed with the same concept: platelets, white cells, brinogen & stem cells in liquid form produced without any additive or anticoagulant: it clots after the injection. The goal is to improve the soft & hard tissue. Injectable PRF is used to make sticky bone graft, by induction a full clotting of the bone graft and to enhance the blood supply.

Renata Ostojić Diploma i-PRF

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