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Cosmetic dentistry

dental estetics

CAD/CAM zirconia ceramic dental crowns and manufacturing

zirconia ceramic dental crowns in croatia There is a long history of dental biomaterial use in routine dental practice.  There are two main methods for the application of dental biomaterials. Firstly, raw dental biomaterials are transplanted into living tissue, such as tooth and bone and secondly, dental devices such as crown and bridge restorations and dentures are fabricated from dental materials...


teeth whitening

Teeth whitening – Why should you do it?

White teeth are a reflection of health. So, why we perform teeth whitening? Healthy, shiny teeth raise self-confidence and satisfaction with our own lives, and our beautiful white teeth will be shown with laughter. Unfortunately, as years go by, we laugh less and the teeth are shining. Color changes of your teeth are something we can not avoid or prevent....