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Dental implants cost in Croatia

Dental implants cost in Croatia

Indeed, even at their highest price, dental implants cost incredibly low in Croatia.

At the Dental clinic Ostojić for example, a standard dental implant with abutment costs £600/680€ (when compared with £3006 in the UK), and a standard metal ceramic crown with a titanium dental implant and abutment costs £810/918€ (when in UK it cost you £3045).  Take a look at the discount you get!

Cost in UK - 100%
Cost in Croatia - 40%

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The discount is great to the point that it pays off for dental travelers to take flights from England, even get a FREE accommodation in Croatia during your stay, and furthermore, complete their teeth in max 5 days. In any case, back in the UK, the vast majority of people can’t get their teeth fixed because of astounding costs.

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Dental implants and services in Croatia


High Quality Services

For Dental clinic Ostojić, investing in dental tourism was an easy decision and reduce the dental implants cost for our patients from UK. We guarantee to have the same indistinguishable level of skills like our English colleagues. So, basically you are paying amazingly low prices for a same level of dental services that you can expect in your country. This is a decent deal by any meaning of the term.

There are great advantages to choosing a dental implant for tooth replacement over the other options. Dental implants cost is low but premium as an service and conservative in that missing teeth can be replaced without affecting or altering the adjacent teeth.

Dental implants cost in Croatia

Solution for one or more missing teeth


You can likewise get BEST dental implants cost quotes here and effortlessly plan your visit to Dental clinic Ostojić. We would LOVE to see YOU Smile again. 🙂

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