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DENTAL IMPLANTS PROCEDURE – a permanent solution for missing teeth

dental implants procedure Ostojić

What is dental implant?

The dental implant is the artificial root of the tooth which is placed in the jaw and serves as the root for the artificial tooth, bridge or prosthesis. Dental implants are an ideal option for those who have lost one or more teeth due to diseases such as caries, gum disease, aging or accidents. So, what about dental implants procedure?

We at Dental center Ostojić use top quality Nobel Biocare and Implant Direct implants that have 20 years of tradition and provide the best results and the success of the therapy.

Before installation of the dental implant, complete oral cavity examination and digital x-ray of both jaw (CBCT scan) should be performed.

Through the interview with the dr. Renata Ostojić you will be familiar with all phases of implant implantation and the phases that follow after installation.

Prices of dental implants in our clinic depends on the type of implants used.

Additional surgical procedures may be required before implant insertion to ensure long-lasting prosthetic solutions and implants.

The surgical part is charged separately from the prosthetic part because of the large number of prosthetic options for which you can decide.

After a detailed diagnostic examination, our dentist will recommend you the best option.

So, let´s start with the dental implants procedure. What to expect when visiting our clinic for dental implants.

Dental bridge, prostheses and implants – comparison

People who want to replace an empty hole in their mouth are often in the dilemma of taking a dental bridge that relies on two adjacent teeth or implants. Here are some reasons why the implant is a better solution:

  • The aesthetic-dental implant looks and feels like your own tooth. The dental implant is connected to the bone, so the implant prevents bone and dental decay that often occurs in dental bridges and dentures that are not implanted
  • Keeping the Tooth – In order to place a dental bridge without an implant, it is necessary to brush the enamel from the adjacent tooth to bridge the bridge. This leads to susceptibility to bacterial inflammation in the affected area. There is no dental implant.
  • Reliability – Success in implant placement can be anticipated and operative, and postoperative surgery is mostly without complications. Today titanium implants are a long-term solution.
  • Self-confidence – The denture can drop or release sounds. With dental implants you can laugh broadly without worrying that your teeth will go away.

How does dental implants procedure works at Dental center Ostojić?

Dental implants procedure is carried out in several phases.

  • Preparation – Review of oral cavity and jaw. An CBCT scan is being made to determine the condition of the bone.
  • Bone Upgrade – If the volume or bone quality does not meet it, it needs to be supplemented.
  • Implant insertion – The dental implant is inserted into the bone. This procedure is done in local anesthesia and is painless.
  • Osteointegration – It takes some time for the implant to grow into the bone and to get strong enough contact. The time of falls usually lasts 2 to 6 months.
  • Placing a prosthetic implant that looks like titanium plug is placed on the crown (if the implant is supported for only one tooth) or bridge (if it supports multiple teeth).
  • It is important to take care of the implant as well as a healthy tooth. Hygiene of the oral cavity and regular examinations will help the longevity of your implant.

After the dental implant is installed, a special temporary dental prosthesis is made to be placed immediately after installation. In this way, the patient does not abandon the dentist’s clinic at any one time, which will allow him normal functioning and life during the implant’s orointegration.

We want our patients to feel safe and satisfied. Therefore, we have made sure that every patient is provided with a continuous postoperative care and support from our doctors.

Physician support, proper care and maintenance of oral hygiene are of great importance for the lifespan of the implant and thus the patient’s satisfaction.

Do you need to visit a dentist after installing dental implants?

YES. After the installation of dental implant it is desirable to go 1 to 2 times a year to go to your dentist for regular control and to clean the teeth in order to preserve the acquired implants. Each patient is responsible for regular maintenance of oral hygiene, which is governed by warranty rules.

How to maintain oral hygiene after installation of dental implants

Maintenance of oral hygiene after implantation of dental implant does not differ from the normal maintenance of oral hygiene of your teeth. This includes regular tooth brushing in the morning and in the evening, using dental floss or silk and mouthwash. In addition, it is necessary to regularly remove dental calculus and plaque at the dentist.

What if a body rejects a dental implant?

Implant rejection is extremely rare, but it can happen. This primarily depends on the bone quality of the patient and his body. People with a weaker immune system have a greater chance of losing their embedded implants. This risk is increased in smokers, as well as in patients using certain types of medication. It is very important that you consult with the dr. Renata Ostojić if you have prescribed medicines for any type of illness. The percentage of successful implant placement in our clinic is far above the world average, around 98.5%.

After implant installation

It would be ideal if you could fall asleep after the implantation so that the first pain comes into your dreams. After the first day’s surgery, pay attention to the following things.


Less bleeding can be expected after implant implantation, but such bleeding stops within a few hours. Installing the upper implants may sometimes trigger the bleeding from the nose, but such bleeding will quickly stop.

In case of heavier bleeding:

  • Place the gauze in the implant site and hold it for 30 minutes
  • Put a moist tea bag and hold it, it will help to create a clot and stop the bleeding

If you can not stop bleeding, contact the clinic.


Most of the patients will have a smaller or more swelling around the mouth after implant implantation. Oktlina grows for the first 24 to 48 hours and then decreases.

You will reduce your swelling by:

  • Immediately after the procedure you start to put on the cold face lining in the area of ​​implant placement
  • keep the linings in place for 20 minutes and repeat it every half an hour to sleep, and continue on the next day
  • sleep with a lightly raised head on the pillow

3D CT scan


You can start eating as soon as you lower your anesthesia. Over the next few days, eat soft food that will not accumulate in the early stages. Do not chew directly at the site of implantation and drink enough fluid. Avoid over-food and liquid.


You can start brushing your teeth the same day, just look at the area around the wound and the stitches. Lightly brush your teeth and do not sprinkle and rinse. Do not use an electric toothbrush or toothpick.

Next day you can begin to rinse the mouth with Paradontax mouthwash without alcohol. Rinse for the several times a day, at least 30 seconds. You can clean around the seams so that the earmuffs are soaked in the rinse fluid and gently clean the seams.


After the operation, the duration may last for several hours depending on the size of the procedure and the amount of anesthetic you have received. You can take the recommended analgesic (most often Neofen, Panadon, Kafetin, Lupocet etc.) before the anesthesia is completely released. Take other analgesics as needed, according to the physician’s instructions. DO NOT USE ASPIRIN OR ANDOL as they increase bleeding!


Take the prescribed medicines as directed by the physician or according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Spend your antibiotics until the end, do not interrupt it before.


During your stay, assistants from the patient support center as well as competent clinic staff will ensure that you are satisfied and relaxed.

That’s why we provide you with a completely FREE ACCOMMODATION in modernly equipped apartments or hotel.