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James Bond: License for perfect hollywood smile

James Bond: License for perfect hollywood smile

What’s common to all the James Bond actors apart from a daredevil attitude and always attracting beautiful women? Good looks and a perfect Hollywood Smile, of course.

For some people, having that perfect smile seems effortless because they just seem to be born with perfect teeth and a wide smile. For the rest of us mere mortals, after our teeth are done taking the battering that life throws at it in the form of sugary foods, cavities and infections we need a little extra work.

Pierce Brosnan perfect hollywood smile James Bond

One of the best achievements of modern dentistry has undoubtedly been the development of dental implants, not just for single teeth but also for entire upper or lower arch replacement. If you have teeth damaged by cavities or accidents and you need to get them pulled out then one of your best bets is to get appropriate dental implants. Obviously you’re worried about your James Bond smile; it’s one of the reasons dental implants are made to look as close to natural teeth in color and structure as possible. Dental implants also help preserve the symmetrical appearance of your face.

Daniel Craig James Bond smile

James Bond: License for perfect hollywood smile

As well as the cosmetic reasons, the more practical reasons to get permanent implants are also because they help preserve your jaw bone’s integrity, help you chew your food better and don’t need to be removed and reattached constantly like dentures.

Most people say that the most memorable thing after meeting someone is their smile. A good smile is also more likely to make a better impression at a job interview and land you a date with your long time crush. Nobody likes looking at an unattractive smile and superficial as that sounds it’s the honest truth gathered from multiple surveys. And keep in mind that a lot of celebrities don’t have that perfect Hollywood smile naturally, they have cosmetic dentistry to thank for it.

Sean Connery James Bond smile

Even if you have had a majority of your teeth removed or fallen out, you still don’t need to worry because you won’t have to deal with annoying dentures for the rest of your life. You can still get them all replaced by getting upper or lower arch replacements, depending on whatever you need.

Roger Moore smile like James Bond

So thank cosmetic dentistry and Contact Us Right  Now if you want to get the James Bond perfect Hollywood smile and flash those white, perfect teeth at your next job interview or first date.

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