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What causes tooth loss and how to implement dental implants?

dental implants

What causes tooth loss?

Tooth loss is a common occurrence today caused by many of the most common manifestations: caries, excessive tooth wear, toothpick or paradontitis. Regardless of the cause of it, the fact that tooth loss is an aesthetic and health problem for any individual who, apart from being dissatisfied with the aesthetic appearance of the oral cavity, is also not able to consume all foodstuffs, which creates difficulties in daily functioning.

dental implants

The only solution in this situation are dental implants, whose embedding process consists of several important steps. The most important thing is that they replace the root of missing teeth and represent the basis for a dental replacement or bridge that is mounted on it.

The procedure of implantology and types of dental implants

Dental implant placement can be accessed by all adults provided they have healthy right, healthy oral cavity tissue, firm jaw and meet certain conditions for implantation. The procedure of implantology is a team work between you and your dentist. After examining and determining your dental condition, our team of dental practitioners will consult with you regarding the best solution for your smile and beautiful teeth. Depending on your specific condition, the choice of the appropriate type of implant is performed and a tailor-made treatment plan is created to meet your needs in the best way. The process of dental implants placement in our center is safer and easier thanks to the superior capabilities of 3D diagnostics of CT devices (available in our dental center).

Types of dental implants we use in our dental center:

  • Nobel Biocare
  • Implant direct