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What is the difference between metal ceramic and zirconium dental crowns?

Difference between metal ceramic and zirconium dental crowns

What are the difference between metal ceramic and zirconium dental crowns

This blog post will look at the basic differences between metal ceramic crowns and their roles. This is one of the more common issues in dealing with patients, which is also the main reason for writing this text.
Metal ceramic crown is today the most common type of crown used in fixed prosthodontic therapy. Fulfills functional and aesthetic conditions and protects the tooth carrier. When I mention the metal in the crown, I mean the cobalt-chromium alloy from which nickel was sparked that caused allergic reactions in a small number of patients. Metal ceramic crowns are just as good a choice as for the rear teeth as well as for the front.

Patients who have been using a metal ceramic crown for many years now mention that they see the dark edge of the metal with teeth gums that aesthetically disturb them. Today, with the modern methods of tooth preparation and technologically advanced materials used in making it, it is minimized.

But if you’re looking for the most natural transparency and color of tooth then we will make zirconia ceramic crowns that are an excellent choice for front teeth because of its high aesthetics. In this case, the zirconium cap replaces the metal. Technically speaking, making them a bit more complicated from a laboratory aspect is therefore also somewhat more expensive than a metal ceramic crown.

Difference between metal ceramic and zirconium dental crowns?

Given that the zircon has a high strength without problems it is also at the back of the teeth. I would like to note that the zircon ceramic crown today can almost perfectly imitate the natural tooth, both aesthetically and functionally.


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